Renaissance of the Neighborhood Yarn Shop

Posted by Fair Isle Yarn on Mar 26th 2018

Renaissance of the Neighborhood Yarn Shop

image by City Stich Yarn Shop

There’s no question the conveniences of shopping online. Browse. Pick. Click. You’re done. Anywhere. Anytime. Certainly makes buying yarn effortless. Still, there’s nothing like being able to see, touch, and feel. Making your yarn choices and buying supplies in person at your local yarn shop is still the best way to know you’re getting exactly what you want.

Here's some more great reasons for shopping at your local yard store:

Knowledgeable Shopping And Product Advice

This is probably the number one reason to shop locally for your yarn. Shop owners tend to be experts about yarn and supplies. It’s usually a shop owner’s private passion that caused them to open a yarn store in the first place. They can easily help you choose the right materials for your project. Plus, you’ll get an immediate answer to any questions you may have---not always so when shopping online.

Another perk to buying from shop owners are their incredible technical skills as they relate to knitting and crocheting. Shop owners always seem to be brimming with the latest tips or new trick to add to your knitting skills. Always great conversationalists your typical shop owner of yarn store is equally a walking thesaurus if knitting and crocheting knowledge. What a great resource to have in the neighborhood to have for supplies, advice, and shared interests.

Touching And Seeing Is Believing

Nothing can replace being able to touch yarn. Sorry folks. You just can’t imagine something like that based on what you’re seeing on your computer screen. And while visuals on the computer can be awesome and can help you decide what to pick, the reality is you can only see your material’s true color when it’s right in front of you. Shopping online for exact color match is next to near impossible. Ask us how we know. The fact is, nothing can replace actual touching, feeling, and seeing yarn to get an idea if it’s the yarn you’re looking for whatever the reason or project.

Get Inspired Tenfold

Another great reason for shopping at your local yarn store is the excitement that can come from seeing such a huge variety of materials and supplies right there in front of you. Wander down isles of yarn brands and colors and let them make you giddy with ideas for your next knitting session.

Learn New Techniques

Your local yarn shop is a great place to learn new techniques and ideas for knitting and crocheting. More than likely they’ll offer classes ranging from beginners to advanced for knitters. You can learn from staff and/or visiting instructors who offer various areas of expertise. Quite a few shops even offer one on one instruction that can be customized to your needs. Some shops even do finishing work for you for a small fee.

Crafts & Quilting etc.

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Get The Goods On The New Stuff

Local Yarn Shops are outstanding places to get the latest trends and the latest in materials. From trunk shows to yarn crawls you’ll get the in-person scoop on new yarns and the latest patterns for knitting and crocheting. You’ll get first-hand dibs to the latest and greatest in samples and new materials.

Jump On Those Sales

In addition to regular sales, most neighborhood yarn shops offer frequent shopper discounts. Take advantage of these kinds of rewards and save big!

Unique Items Made In Your Community

Locally made gift items have started a movement of their own. A lot of that has to do with that fact that most locally made gifts are unique to their area. Hand crated such as knitting needles, crochet hook and other unique products made by local artists are often showcased together by shop owners. It’s not unusual for a local knitting store to feature custom dyes and uniquely colored yarns that are exclusive to their store.

Your Community

Besides shopping locally another great reason to frequent your neighborhood yarn store is to meet other yarn enthusiasts and creative folk. Whether it’s through classes, browsing, or gatherings hosted by your local yarn store you’ll have ample opportunities to make new friends, exchange ideas with other knitters and discuss what you’re working on. At your local yarn shop you can find out who in your neighborhood loves knitting or crocheting as much as you do!

BS Studio

image by BS Studio

A Shopping List Is A Must

Get ready to explore a place full of yarn and crochet goodies. Sometimes the explosion of colors and textures can be over the top! A good shopping list will keep you focused on what you came to the store to purchase. Although there’s nothing wrong to giving in to last minute impulses---there’s almost always something unexpected that catches your eye.

Take Yourself On A Tour

The first time around when you visit your local yarn shop, it’s always a good idea to get a feel for the place before buying anything. Check out how the yards are arranged----usually by same gauge, type and in some cases by color. Check out the tools and accessories section and see what they have to offer. There you’ll find a range of items from measuring tapes and tiny scissors to stitch markers and the latest gadgets.

Get On Social Media

Nowadays most local yarn shops have Facebook pages and accounts with other social media arms like Twitter and Instragram. They also send out email newsletters regularly to customers to keep them updated about sales, new inventory and store events. Don’t miss out! Make sure on your first visit you sign up for their email list and also look for them on your favorite social media. It’s a great way to always be in the know about everything your local store has to offer.